What is your excuse ?

Sarah's amazing transformation, not only her appearance has changed but her lifestyle and strength increase. We are training together 2-3 times a week.  She is very busy with her job but giving her best and always making time for training. She is aware of the importance of the nutrition and gained a good knowledge of understanding macro-nutrition .

Sarah BH


Here is Oliver's transformation in 7 weeks. You can see it on the Body composition History how his body composition has exactly changed. 






My 67 years old client transformation. Her main focus was on shoulders and arms toning also weight loss.
We had 23 session together over 3month , lost 4,5 kg and look at the difference on the arms. She is very strong and works very hard:






I'm so proud of this girl ! She is working hard , Strong and beautiful person . Glad to know her , And I'm happy to Be a part of her fitness journey






Here is my clients transformation in 6 weeks. So proud of her