Thank you for your interest in my Personal Training!
I offer a variety of options for clients so I can help them with their specific goals/needs.

Training programmes can be purchased via the monthly payment scheme.

Before starting the training program we will have a full assessment of your fitness, lifestyle and diet and from this I will develop a personalised program.

Below you will see my packages. Take a look and decide if it will work for you! Everything is customised to your needs, goals, and body type specifically.

All packages include :

Package must be paid in full when you decide which one you want before we start the our skills.

Exercise + nutrition consultation
Body analysis at the beginning and end of program
Nutrition plan and guidance booklet
Core and cardio workout plan for your own training (optional)

Packages from 45£ per session

1 Session
5 Session
10 Session
15 Session


Requiring a minimum commitment of 3 hours a week for 12 weeks, this is for the serious clients who want to make dramatic changes.

Here I provide full nutrition, training and motivational support to ensure maximum results in minimum time but most importantly maintain the results long term.

Looking forward to hear from you