Hi there, and thanks for visiting my site!

My name is Marta. I’m 25 years old, and the owner and founder of “CreateYourself ”. I just wanted to take a minute to say Hi and to let you know a little more about me.

I was born and raised in a very small town in Slovakia, where I lived till I was 20. Around the age of 15 – after finishing my studies – I decided that I would move to London (don’t ask me why this city in particular…I just knew that this was something I had to do and I felt it was the right next step in my life).

Since a young age I have worked. I worked every summer, every weekend and almost every day after high school knowing I had to earn money to be able to achieve my dream of moving to London. Despite the long hours, the hard work taught me the importance of working towards things I desire and, most importantly, the value of earning it when you finally get there. After working as a Sales Assistant for two years (whilst also juggling my studies), I had saved up enough money to make my London dream come true – finally! Soon it was time for me to leave behind all my friends and family, and in 2011 off I went to chase my dreams in the big new city….

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved sports. I played football for my region when I was 9 years old, but sadly never made it to a higher division since I never had the opportunity for proper coaching. Despite loving all kinds of sports, my body just never really reflected it! I have never been skinny. In fact, I was always the “big-boned girl”. My mum used to say that I should remember my weight and always be happy about it, because it was only going to go up!

As you can imagine, I hated to hear this and refused to accept it. But after moving to London, my activity level had reached rock bottom. My daily workout was nothing more than light housework and my diet contained mostly sugar and junk food. Three months into my big London dream, I had reached my heaviest weight: 84kg and 173cm height.

 I felt awful. I felt disgusted with myself. Shorts and skirts were now a thing of the past and were quickly replaced with loose tops and baggy trousers – clothes that I could hide beneath. I couldn’t stop thinking about how far I had let myself go. In my mind and in my heart I knew I was an athlete. I soon decided that I would do whatever it would take to look and be the person I knew I felt inside – I would finally be the best version of me.  After a few weeks in the gym (with absolutely no idea what I was doing might I just add), a trainer approached me and guided me through my training and diet. I was determined to not give up. I followed everything very strictly and in three months dropped from a dress size 16 to 12 – 2 dress sizes!

And this is where I feel my true journey began.

I loved the progress and I soon wanted to learn everything about training and nutrition. I was reading every health magazine, articles and books that I could get my hands on. During this time, I never went more than a week without training – it had now become my passion and my addiction. It was clear that this was no longer a hobby. It was no longer just an activity to help shake of the guilt of a few (or more) drinks from the night before. It was now an activity that left me feeling empowered. Now, every morning when I looked in the mirror, I saw a person full of dreams, desire and goals. I no longer wasted my body and mind on clubbing, eating and drinking. I knew there was no such thing as perfection, but the desire to be better than what I was before was more than enough for me. The desire to grow, to learn and to become so much more – this is what makes us who we are.

In 2014, I took a leap of faith and decided to do a personal training course knowing it would help me build my career in fitness. I have now been working as a personal trainer since August 2015 and I am enjoying every single moment of it!

My dream now is to build a name for myself in fitness. I hope through social media that I can reach more and more people. I truly want to make a difference. I want to inspire you. I want to motive you and make you believe that anything is possible if you really set your mind to it. You have to trust the progress, set a goal and work hard for it. You must strongly believe it’s going to happen and everything else will fall into place. You just work hard for it and give it all. Every day.

Because this is your dream!